Friday, January 08, 2010

New Issue of A World of Science

A World of Science in January

Wildlife in a Warming World

Even global warming of 2°C this century – considered the safety threshold by scientists – will stress species and ecosystems. In order for important decisions about conservation, land-use and resource management to be made with confidence, scientists are developing new techniques and models to reduce the uncertainties as to how species and ecosystems will respond to climate change.

Back to the Moon

Egyptian-born geologist Farouk El-Baz explains why the recent discovery of water on the Moon could dramatically reduce the cost of colonizing our satellite and why the quest for energy is at the heart of the emerging Moon race.

The Bushbruckridge healers’ path to justice

Having recently discovered their rights, the traditional healers in a biosphere reserve in South Africa intend to exercise them, in order to protect the medicinal plants that are their livelihood and the health of the communities they serve.

Can a blue dye help save the Aral Sea?

If a UNESCO project in Uzbekistan goes ahead as planned, a natural blue dye may soon be helping to solve some of the most acute socio-economic and ecological problems of the ravaged Aral Sea Basin.

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